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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my child need an assessment?

The director uses the audition process to assess the child’s basic music knowledge and aptitude. This process is for placement purposes.

Who will be teaching my child?

Our directors are accomplished master teachers with extensive choral conducting experience. Your child will be learning from teachers with both professional performing and academic experience.

Why do I have to pay for my child to sing in a choir?

The SCC is non-profit corporation. Tuition only covers 51% of the funds needed to provide quality musical education and performance opportunities for your singer. The remainder of our expenses is raised through donations, corporate sponsorships, and concert tickets.

Are there special clothes that my child needs for performances?

Each choir has a performance outfit that is purchased by the singer. At the beginning of each year there is a wardrobe exchange for singers to purchase gently used clothing.

What is the time commitment?

The biggest commitment for all levels is to be at each and every rehearsal. Level I (Music Makers), Level II & III (Allegro & Brio) rehearses one day a week & IV (Crescendo) rehearses twice a week. Level V (high school) rehearses once a week.

The busy time of the year is just before concerts. Extra rehearsals are called as well as the time for the concert. Level IV is often asked to perform for community events private parties, or may be asked to perform with the Sacramento Opera or the Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra. Sometimes based on the event Level III may perform at community events. 

Are parents required to volunteer?

Parents are required to volunteer ten (10) hours for the performing year. There are many ways someone can complete their volunteer hours.

Where are rehearsals held?

The SCC rents space for rehearsals at the Mosaic Law located 2300 Sierra Blvd. Alternative site: Northminster Presbyterian Church 3235 Pope Ave. Sacramento, CA 95821

Are carpools available?

The SCC does not set up carpools, but we do make rosters available the first week of rehearsals so that you can arrange for your own carpools.

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