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Lessons from Chorus Results in Recognized Performance at School

Our daughter sings with Cantoris. She has been singing with the chorus for seven years.  She recently applied her chorus training to an opportunity to speak at her school to great acclaim. Here is what happened. 

Our daughter is involved in Club Live, a leadership program at her school to help kids make healthy choices and avoid drugs and alcohol. Club Live led two lunch time assemblies during Red Ribbon Week at school. (A week devoted to making healthy lifestyle choices.) As a leader within Club Live, our daughter was selected to read the morning message over the loud speaker to her entire school. Usually the principal reads the morning message shortly after the first bell in the morning. 

The message included three quarters of a page of single space text. She received the message a day prior and dutifully practiced. She was not interested in making a mess of the morning message in front of her friends.  She had learned from chorus the value of preparation. She knew to practice her presentation before she was asked to present. She read her message to herself and to both me and her father that evening and again the next morning. 

She also knew she needed to be at school early to be ready to present the morning message during homeroom first thing in the morning. Just like chorus, she factored in an earlier “call time” for her arrival at school that day. After arriving at school she went to the Principal’s office. When she arrived her principal instructed her on being sure to pronounce all of the vowels in the words to be sure the message could be understood by the students in the school. Our daughter nodded that she understood her Principal’s point as her chorus director requires proper diction. Then, she proceeded to read the message into a phone that broadcast her message over the loud speakers into each classroom. When she finished her Principal told her she did the best job of reading the morning message of any student who had ever read the message. Her Principal specifically noted how clear she pronounced her words such that everyone could understand the message. Our daughter applied her lessons from chorus directly to an opportunity to excel at school. 

- Jane Luckhardt