Performance Information

Hair styling for concerts – All Choirs
Both Girls and Boys

For all SCC performances hair for both boys and girls must meet SCC requirements.   Please review ensure your singer arrives at every concert  in full uniform, including hair being done.


Hair (boys and girls) must be pulled off face in a full pony tail, braid or bunFly-a-way bangs gelled and secured with a clip or bobby pin. Hair ties should be hair color or black with no decoration. Head bands in hair color are acceptable for singer’s with hair too short to pull back. We must be able to see the child’s entire face including check bones and eyebrows. 

Clips or bobby pin must be the color of hair and cannot be shiny or sparkly.

Hair ties may be color of hair, black, brown or light tan.

Head bands black or the color of hair color are acceptable provided they are not shiny, sparkly or overly large. 

Hair color must be natural – no colored dies, no feathers, no colored extensions.