Level II: Mature 2nd, 3rd - 5th grade

Level II

As the singers enjoy learning repertoire of various styles and languages, they are expected to learn basic concepts and terminology that go along with the repertoire.  The singers will be able to perform more complex rhythmic patterns and sight read melodic lines.

Allegro enjoys the adventure of singing for occasional events around the city representing SCC. 

Emotional Goals:      

To be able to take instructions and work toward musical goals

To be encouraging and supportive to fellow chorister

To be on time for rehearsals and maintain good attendance

To understand and practice basic concepts of performance etiquette        

Vocal Goals:              

To have understanding of a beautiful tone

To sing with correct physical concepts of breath support and control;

To be able to hold one’s part in a-round

To demonstrate good singing posture and breathing techniques     

Theory Goals:            

To recognize basic note names, high and low sounds, soft and loud

To sing and hear basic Do Mi So La patterns

To demonstrate awareness of phrases (similarities and differences in lines of song)

To read simple rhythmic and melodic patterns based on the Kodaly system of reading music

Tour:               Not applicable for Allegro