A Message from SCC Co-Founder
SCC and Covid -19

Greetings SCC Family and Friends,

I believe that the Sacramento Children’s Chorus is a powerful asset to the arts community in Sacramento. It is with great sadness that I see what this virus/pandemic is doing to not only SCC organization but all the arts groups in this city and beyond. I encourage all of us to hang on and hold firm to our commitment to see SCC continue in our community.

Dr. Donald Kendrick, Professor Emeritus of Sac State’s Choral Department, and I founded this organization some 28 years ago in hopes of bringing quality choral music, singing and musical education to children in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. We drew singers from many public school districts, private and home school organizations. We built the organization from one choir to four, serving over 2,000 young singers, over many years. Through collaborations, premieres of original works, performances and touring, singers built lasting friendships and experienced cross cultural understanding.

SCC is aware that singing and performing increase the potential for virus spread and they are committed to keeping singers safe by temporarily adjusting to how they “do choir” for a while. SCC is using this time to reimagine choir and provide a mission and purpose-driven educational program for your singers.

At this moment, I caution everyone to be patient, hopeful, and committed to the ideals of a singing community for youth. I hope you will join me, Dr. Kendrick, and the SCC Alumni as we continue to support the organization that we all love so dearly. This virus will pass, and we will, once again, be able to come together and make beautiful music!

Lynn Stevens, Co-Founder & Artistic Director Emeritus