Online Rehearsals
SCC and Covid -19

During this difficult time, Sacramento Children’s Chorus went from a traditional chorus program to providing virtual learning activities for our choirs. Virtual choir rehearsals re-enforcing music theory, model singing techniques and provide musical tracks for singing at home.

Our choir directors have selected a group of songs that our choirs will strive to master. Practicing at home will be an integral part of the program this fall. Singers will receive rehearsal tracks (digital audio files with piano accompaniment) to listen to. Choir directors will have them submit recordings of themselves singing their parts through “My Choral Coach” (information about how to do that will be provided when rehearsals begin). Each director will have an opportunity to provide feedback and be sure that the singer is progressing in their skills. It is SCC’s our goal to do a compilation of each singer’s submitted recording that will be used to simulate a group performance at the end of the semester.

A portion of the Zoom rehearsals will focus on technique, proper breathing, diction and theory. Some of the ways those skills are taught are through music games as well as “sing and respond” techniques (conductor sings – singers repeat — most likely with the singer microphones.

Older SCC singers will partner with the St. John’s Lutheran Church’s Youth Choir. The collective voices will learn and record their individual voices to create a spellbinding virtual choral anthology. All the part tracks will be edited by the ‘Techno Wizards’ and transformed into three amazing choral anthems; all of which will evoke the true power of the human spirit and demonstrate the significance of visionary artistic teamwork!!  (All the while upholding Covid-19 socially distanced safety protocols.)

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Now more than ever, it is important to keep our children connected to their communities. Singing together can turn isolation and depression around for a child.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Directors, our organization is committed to making sensible decisions based on facts while balancing the best interest of our singers with the resources we have available. Keeping our singers, parents and staff healthy is our top priority.

How can we keep from Singing!