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SCC is back online!

SCC is back for music education and rehearsals! We are so excited to be back together – online. See our schedule and we will be hosting special guests directors.


Online Rehearsals
SCC and Covid -19

During this difficult time, Sacramento Children’s Chorus went from a traditional chorus program to providing virtual learning activities for our choirs. Virtual choir rehearsals re-enforcing music theory, model singing techniques and provide musical tracks for singing at home.


Come sing with us, join our team!

Want to sing, be part of a team, never sit on the bench?

Is your child interested in joining the Sacramento Children’s Chorus?Sacramento Children’s Chorus has openings in their virtual rehearsals. If you have a child that is interested, we can send you more information.

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When you support Sacramento Children’s Chorus, you support the Arts in our community! The SCC partners with individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and other organizations to continue to introduce children to the life-changing opportunities the arts can provide. We must continue to be a vital part of the arts community in Sacramento.

All gifts are tax deductible as charitable contributions. Tax ID. 68-0413156


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A Message from SCC Co-Founder
SCC and Covid -19

Greetings SCC Family and Friends,

I believe that the Sacramento Children’s Chorus is a powerful asset to the arts community in Sacramento. It is with great sadness that I see what this virus/pandemic is doing to not only SCC organization but all the arts groups in this city and beyond. I encourage all of us to hang on and hold firm to our commitment to see SCC continue in our community.

General information

Welcome to SCC!

Sacramento Children’s Chorus changes children’s lives. Singing together engages the body, mind and spirit.

For 27 years, we have served hundreds of children providing choral music education. We have collected many stories that illustrate how choir can make an impact on a child.

This is a group of diverse students 7 to 18 years old who meet weekly to learn music, sing, and perform together. Singing together turns isolation and depression around for a child. Singing in our choir creates a community of like-minded children where they find their own voice and a positive outlet.


Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission
Grazioso Sponsor

Funded in part by the Cultural Arts Award of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission with support from the City and County of Sacramento.